Cutting Titanium

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Cutting Titanium

Post by alasdair »

Yes, it's another one of these threads...

Hi guys.

I am looking to cut some titanium bits for some robots from CAD and was wondering if any of you knew good places for this? Last time we used a water jet cutting company but they said that it isn't worth it for them do such small bits which is fair enough.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.


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Re: Cutting Titanium

Post by haz »

Give lasermaster a bell, they do good work in stainless and are very helpful and happy on the phone. Have a dxf ready to throw at them and away you go.

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Re: Cutting Titanium

Post by BeligerAnt »

+1 for Laser master they did some small parts for James and were very helpful :)
Gary, Team BeligerAnt

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Re: Cutting Titanium

Post by Ellis »

+28 for Lasermaster, they cut a boatload of 1.5 and 3mm stainless for me recently and were absolutely brilliant, whilst by far the cheapest service around.

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