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Turnigy i4X

Post by MarkR »


Has anyone tried the Turnigy i4X transmitter? According to the spec it's like a cut-down version of the very popular i6. But according to the docs, it does have "elevon mixing"

It was previously on sale at Hobbyking at a rediculously low price,

I would get one, just to try, but Hobbyking is currently showing it as "backorder" so they probably don't have any (and given Chinese new year / coronavirus, I don't expect any to appear soon)
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Re: Turnigy i4X

Post by Ant Ipodean »

I run a couple of FS-i4, which appear to be a rebadged version of the Turnigy i4.
I also have some FS-i6.
The i4 is in the same case as the i6 and has the same gimbals, but the main circuit board is completely different. (Looks more basic)
Yes, it has optional mixing that is selected with one of the 5 slide switches, and works fine.
Although we have evolved towards using simple "tank" style control on most of my bots, as we seem to get better driving results this way.
I just recently discovered that the i4 failsafes in conjunction with the FS2A Rx when the Rx is set to failsafe.
(We had not bothered before, as the i4's are only used for non-weaponed bots)
These i4's have worked flawlessly.
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Re: Turnigy i4X

Post by Paulmchurd »

Yes I use these.

They have been excellent for me, cheap but come with mixing and direction controls. During a fight if your bot gets flipped you can flick the switches to invert the controls. They also work for your ESC.

I know my reply is completely out of date... :lol:
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