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Re: Team Astro Build Log (Cheese bots)

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Sounds like overkill cnc for such a simple part, you can probably make it with mostly hand tools out of the right thickness of polycarb.

As a quick tip: materials which cannot be laser cut, either stick some masking tape, then laser etch the design, or just print out the design on paper and stick it on the part.

I've usually just used a scroll saw with suitable marking. I also like to use a centre punch tool to make the holes be in the right places then drill with a drill press ideally - because if I try it with a hand drill they always come out wonky. NB: I don't have a laser cutter, drill press or scroll saw, I just joined the local hackspace. If you don't want to use a scroll saw, a coping saw (hand tool) works well too.

I've found that "good" plastics for robots are mostly un-laserable- at least they can't be laser cut, you can still use the laser to mark the surface.
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