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Re: T_Y's Build Log

Post by T_Y »

It's been a while since I've updated this blog, so let me talk about what I've been up to in the past year.

Precussive Maintenance 3 will never see combat. That's because it has been replaced with Percussive Maintenance 4: A New Spanner!


I've returned to the gear-driven roots of PM2. I moved away from tht design because of the gear slip issue, but I've made a number of changes to ensure it doesn't happen again. The first is that I've significantly increased the tooth size on the gears, the second is a redesign of the chassis 3D printed parts so that now I can print the upright supports for the axe mechanism flat on the print bed. This will eliminate an issue with PM2 where a significant impact on the axe could delaminate the upright support near the base. I've tried to make sure that the tolerances are as tight as possible to reduce any slack in the system. The total gear ratio is 4:1, coupled with the 0.06s KingMax servo, so while it still won't do any real damage, it has a bit of a kick to it now.


Another new thing I'm using in PM4 is the receiver/ESC. I'm using a Malenki Nano in this, and so far I'm very happy with how it performs in testing. For now I'm using a FlySky FS-i6 to control it, but I think I can buy a multi-protocol board for the Devo 7E that will let me use AFHDS 2A on it.

I've also been working on improving my mechanum wheel efforts. I tried updating Error 404 to improve its traction by using several coats of spray-on latex onto the rollers, but this didn't seem to make a huge difference. In an attempt to make mechanum wheels more viable, I decided to make a new bot with an active weapon.



Introducing PLA+ is a Perfectly Legitimate Choice of Material! I managed to add a lifter to the mechanum wheel setup by pulling ESCs out of cheap high voltage servos and adding resistors in place of the potentiometers (thanks for the help Peter!).


Another change is I've made the wheels smaller - this does make them more fiddly to put together! Another change is that I've used heat shrink on the rollers to give them a tire (I can't claim credit for that idea - that goes to Adam Wrigley). It turns out this is actually a great solution to the traction issue - now, it has plenty of pushing power!


With the hope of events in the near future, my next task is to prep my bots - Make sure they're all still working, buy and print spare parts.

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Re: T_Y's Build Log

Post by MarkR »

The mecanum wheel robot is amazing.

Getting a 4wd + mecanum + active weapon in 150g is a good effort. I hope it does well.
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Re: T_Y's Build Log

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Re: T_Y's Build Log

Post by peterwaller »

That is one nice robot can't wait to see it in combat.
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