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No weight limit. These are made from 1:12 scale radio control cars...very easy for kids...
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This is not so much a weight class as a type of robot. In 2000, RobotWars101 was approached by the National Association of Gifted Children to see if there was some kind of workshop we could do with the Kent group. We came up with this new class of robot principle.

The idea is straight-forward enough. Simply take a day, a group of children, a large number of cheap radio control cars and any old materials they can find lying around - pencils, cardboard, polystyrene, tape and scissors have all been popular. Get the kids to spend some turning the the cars into simple bots and then arrange a set of fights for them.

This type of car only really comes in broad-spectrum 27Mhz and 40Mhz radio. However, these can be split into their two groups to allow fighting between two robots at a time.

Build factors are a bit different....the motors are fairly weak, so if you put too much armour on they slow down and the batteries are used up faster. You don't have an active weapon control, so it requires ingenious design to come up with effective weapons....if you want to see over-excited children, this is the workshop to create.