Rubber Band Usage

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James Williams
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Rubber Band Usage

Post by James Williams » Sun Jul 14, 2019 8:14 pm

Question for the vets. If I were to use a rubber band as part of a flail weapon (attach one end to a motor & the other end to a weight) would that violate the rules regarding banned weapon types which states:

2f) The following weapon types are not permitted:
- Fluid based weapons (treacle guns, etc.)
- Glue or sticky pad weapons
- String or entanglement weapons

I know rubber bands have been used before in flipper mechanisms but I haven't seen anything other than chains used in flails before & I'm wondering if there is a reason why. I also know from experience that flail type weapons do have a chance to entangle opponents so I'd also like to know where the line is drawn.


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Re: Rubber Band Usage

Post by Kyro » Sun Jul 14, 2019 10:34 pm

as i understand it, a flail cannot be an entanglement weapon even if it entangles as thats not its intended purpose... entanglement is classed as something made purely to entangle rather than a possible side effect from another purpose...

then again a flail could be classed as entanglement if the driver is trying to use it for that purpose intentionally... ie driving at a spinner, flail first while not actively "flailing"

personally, i see chains being more of an issue for entanglement than rubber bands as i would assume a rubber band would break/cut easier than chain if caught in a spinning weapon.

so as i see it, you should be fine with your plans.

but this is just my opinion based on what i know/have heard so i think it best to wait for confirmation before going ahead and taking my answer as the be all end all...

just think of it this way, a tyre is not an entanglement device, but think of how many times a tyre has entangled a spinner... same with internal wires...

as long as your not trying to entangle with it, you should be fine even if it does become entangled because, it can happen with almost any part from a bot that also wasn't there to entangle...

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