Beater spinner parts list sanity check

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Beater spinner parts list sanity check

Post by mackemforever » Mon Sep 10, 2018 2:28 pm

So right now I'm looking to put together my first ant, decided to dive in at the deep end and build a spinner because I do like a challenge. Have designed and 3d printed the chassis for a beater style spinner now just need to actually build a bot into it.

Before I set about buying anything I just wanted to check that I'm not making any daft mistakes with component selection so if you guys could have a look, check that I'm not being a silly dear with any of this or missing anything off the list that would be much appreciated.

Drive motors - 2 x 6V N20 Gear Motors 300rpm - Choice seems to either be 300 or 600rpm, can't find anywhere with 500rpm in stock. My thinking is that 300 would be far more controllable than 600, especially for a spinner with a new driver behind it.

Receiver - Lemon RX

Drive ESC - AWESC Here

Weapon Motor - DYS BE1806-13 23--KV Here - Now my thinking is that weight and size wise it's fine, will work on the 2s I'm planning on running, the max current is high enough that I'm not going to be causing any issues and at 2300KV with a beater style spinner it should hopefully still get reasonable engagement. Am I vaguely correct here?

Weapon ESC - Fingertech Tiny ESC

Batteries - Turnigy nano-tech 180mAh 2S

Would that all vaguely work? Thanks!

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Re: Beater spinner parts list sanity check

Post by GeorgeR » Mon Sep 10, 2018 3:00 pm

All of that sounds good except the weapon esc, the fingertech tiny esc is for brushed motors so you need a brushless esc for the dys1806.
I've used Afro 12A's for my brushless motors and always been very happy with them.

If you can fit the weight a slightly larger capacity battery (260-300mAh ish) would be a good idea to give you more power for a quick spin up.

Good luck, a spinner is quite a challenge for a first bot.
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