The poptart tories and anything about them.

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The poptart tories and anything about them.

Post by TeamScrewUp » Sun Aug 12, 2018 9:50 am

The poptart tories are a clusterbot of two robots i "made." Poptart and paid your taxes? (hence the name. As it is a combination of the two) poptart is a full body spinner. A low speed, light one) and is the lighter of the two. And paif your taxes is a wedge bot made from a hexbug battlebots toy.

I was never going to make them fight in real events until i saw multiple comments on youtube. Somewhere. Saying you could not use hexbugs as combat robots because you would not be able to control them. And because they would be awful as the RC in them isn't powerful enough. So i ended up putting them in competition. To see if it was true.

At AWS 54 and 55. At AWS 54 they drove (with the help of Craig Croucher, kill me if i spell your name wrong) but didn't win. I also found out not to use hot glue with metal. Because it came off. Even though it wasn't hit by the spinner (i was fighting a spinner at one point)

So i gave paid your taxes? Armour (thick aluminium sides) and used epoxy to put the wedge on. and poptart googly eyes. But also giving an extra gram of weight.for AWS55. I also. blue tacked both controllers together so i could control both at once. I got a bye with them so i count that as a win because they were so scary. That no one dared fight them. Then they beat diotANT. And died to everything else.

That is about it for now. I plan to give paid your taxes? A nano two set up at some point.

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