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Re: Nuts And Bots - Robots and components!

Post by Shakey » Sun Aug 11, 2019 8:23 pm

Nuts & bots has been suffering difficulties with its suppliers for a good portion of this year after repeated failings on the motor supply side and the earlier issues with a component discontinuation hitting the NanoTwo V3's. Things are looking up though! The new NanoTwo LT's are much more reliably sourced and we continue to receive batches more regularly, once motor supplies can be iron out the selection of ready made robots can return to the store!

Wheels: Wheels across the board have gone through some standardisation and improvements, the 30mm wheels are now lighter, and with less likely hood of the tyre rolling off the hub. I'm also excited to release the 50mm wheels onto the store to hopefully enable people to get cracking on a bigger variety of robots. Other behind the scenes improvements to the tooling used to make wheels should see them fit more accurately and consistently.

Big Wheeled Pusher: 10 or so of these bots will be available in a week or two on the store. Using half speed motors with double diameter wheels they are equal speed to our regular pushers but come with a new robust polycarbonate plate chassis. Of course nothing stops you from fitting your own faster motors or weapons mounted on top for your bot to take it to the next level!

I'll now actually be making use of the facebook page for the store, most updates and stuff like stock announcements are likely only to be shown here and on the page so if you are a FB person give it a follow:
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