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Re: FingerTech Robotics

Post by haz » Tue Nov 18, 2014 1:23 pm

Just got some of my first fingertech stuffs from technobots.

What I ordered

-Fingertech switch
-2.5" x .75" snap wheels
-1.75" x .5" snap wheels
-Delrin Mecanum wheel mount


This I ordered out of curiosity and use in passive robots. I really like not having to precariously mount links and stuff. Sadly can't use it in any weaponed bots. This is a real pretty little piece of kit. Its so tiny! Nice and compact, good mounting holes and construction is good. I'll definitely use it on any non combat robots and would buy again for passive robots. £7 is an okayish price, not great but its not taking the poss.


These really are great. Feel very nice and grippy and the price is fantastic. 10/10 would buy again and again when they get shredded :)

Mecanum wheel mount

I got these to use as a general purpose hub due to the very low price of just over a pound. Quality of these is kinda contrasting to the rest of the stuff. Its actually quite poor with some edges being rough and some holes not being deburred, but what can you really expect from the price. I can't complain too hard because they are cheap as hell and will be perfectly usable.

Overall I'm happy.

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