Newbie Antweight build Miniflea

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Newbie Antweight build Miniflea

Post by Frenchylx » Wed Feb 13, 2019 11:50 pm

Hi All,

Have been reading the forum for a while, mostly watching the nano two thread to be honest, and have finally thanks to my 7yo son telling me I have to started to build a wedge flipper for him, no spinners I like the kid being able to count to 10.

After burning up 2 Das Mikros when soldering, have got a sled working using an awe esc, and Orange or Lemon RX (have both), nicknamed Magnabot as its the flap off a magners cider box :lol:

Tis not the quickest, and thanks to crappy transmitter trims when I first did the calibration only turns left, and drives forward when the failsafe kicks in, but hey ho getting there, will re-calibrate again. But have spent tonight working on cables to get my borrowed lipo charger hooked up, along with a wire to power the servo tester from the cell that powers the Devo 7E

This is Magnabot so far.


Moving vid

I have 2 questions at this point, the servo I have a borrowed MG90s, and on a servo tester centres and moves fine, on the receiver it just sits there idle, I have had it on the throttle output but nothing seems to kick it into life, must have done something wrong but not sure what.

Also the N20s I got where supposed 500rpm but seem slow from the Antweight vids I have seen using them, is there a thing i need to lookout for on the listings that would indicate the ratios or somthing, nuts and bolts seem to say 30:1 500Rpm, thought that's what i had :-?

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Re: Newbie Antweight build Miniflea

Post by Paulmchurd » Thu Feb 14, 2019 7:43 am


Quiet often Chinese sellers have no idea what rpm\gear ratio these motors are and just lie. I have bought many advertised as 500rpm, some have been as low as 10rpm! Annoying...

This is my trusted source of n20s. The seller also has other listings or RPM. They have always been correct and cheap from here.

You have mounted the motors wrong, there are little grooves in the plastic mount which lock over the top of the brass coloured gears. This will help secure the motors and maybe give you a little extra speed.

There is a guide to calibrating your transmitter on the NutsandBots website.


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Re: Newbie Antweight build Miniflea

Post by Frenchylx » Thu Feb 14, 2019 8:16 am

Perfect, will re rig tonight, these motors came from a ebay listing from Manchester with the white wheels quicker than the China delivery to get here. But are just so slow :) will check out that listing.

I did follow the nuts and bolts guide for the devo, it's one of them for me, where they are just words until you have experienced it once or twice, I worked with circuits for a while but rc stuff is new, I now understand the words having done it now. And will rebind and do the calibration on the awe again should get round the No right/failsafe issue.

EDIT I am a Muppet if i read the EBAY listing right would see they are not what i thought they where :oops: they are 30RPM hence slow but good for proof of concept i guess. I just saw the no load RPM what a fool nay mind, will build the youngest a something with them with a cheap esc so she is not left out.

Speed: 30rpm
Overall length: 34 mm
Engine Size: 12 mm (diameter) x 24mm (height)
Shaft size: 3 mm (diameter) x 10mm (length)

No Load RPM: 500
On Load RPM:400
Rated: 160mA
Stall Torque: 1.2
Stall: 100mA
Ratio: 30

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