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Re: Team 1202 Build Diary

Post by Spaceman » Thu Apr 04, 2019 10:30 am

Its been a while...

So a quick update on whats on the bot bench at the moment.

Robototron: I have built a super simple and solid 2WD pusher at the moment. its mainly a practice/ placeholder bot.

Boys Bot: Its a modular track driven lifter I have designed to be something my stepsons can play with. If its successful I may replace the pusher with a combat ready Boys bot as the new Robototron.

Crabulon: Working on a improved shufflebot like the debut blue one. I still intend to make a Klann linkage bot but that is taking a bit more time than Id like.

Huricianado: A spinner bot thats early in the works.

OAF: Think I have cracked how to have a power switch on OAF that allows it to be externally turned on. OAF will be a very different bot internally now and hopefully will serve as a test bed for a beetle or featherweight version.

Hoping to have OAF, Crabulon and Robototron at AWS 58.

In addition I have a few plans for the Aquatic Ants in September:

Row-boat-a-tron: currently plating around with magnetic coupling ideas for this. will say more when I have a bot.

H2OAF: once OAF is working I am going to try make a floating shell to allow it to operate as a floating ant.

I shall post more and pics when I have progress to report.
Team 1202

Robototron (Flipper)
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