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Re: Another New Antweight..

Post by Rapidrory » Mon Jan 09, 2017 5:06 pm

Bit of a while since I posted in this thread (Those blades WERE fun!). Just been doing a bit of testing of the PicoTwos, hadn't been able to until now as the RX I designed them around was dead so had to order more from china. But they arrived today and it's all working now. Fitted it in Harold just to stress test it a little; if it can run a 4WD ant it should be fine in Nanos!


That's it installed in Harold. Even the JST wires look comically large compared to it.

Was driving it round hard and even held it in place and stalled the motors out and the controller barely got warm.

Here is a quick video of some testing; it performs pretty much identically to the NanoTwo:

Main downside is that currently it can only be set up to run 1S or 2S. A resistor needs to be changed to switch between the two. For most applications though this isn't a problem.

I likely won't be selling these commercially, just cause they're rather fiddly to make. Just an exercise in how small I can make an ESC! I may be doing a DSMX version at some point however if I can find a suitable mini DSMX RX.
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