Walking mechanisms

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Walking mechanisms

Post by joey_picus » Sun Jun 06, 2010 3:07 pm

Having found myself in posession of a 2mm thick plate of chequerplate aluminium and a robot's worth of spare bits, I've been considering doing a walker for the next AWS, really as much for the novelty and the technical challenge as for any extra weight or its combat capabilities (although having said that...Little Yellow Taxi's spinner gear has been freed up with that robot's demise, and I have various Dremel accessories and bits of Ti lying around, so if there's weight left you never know how it might turn out :P)

Walking mechanisms have been tricky to work out though, hence me posting this thread. I love the Type 0/Scuttle/Anarchy style approach but don't really have the technical ability to line up 14 or more gears and the attachments for them, and