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Re: Team Phyte Antweight Builds & Event Reports

Post by MySolderIsOlder » Wed Nov 27, 2019 10:12 pm

Outstanding! The antweight world definitely needs more flails. Who knows - if the Gods of Antlog are smiling we might even
get some flail on flail action on Saturday...
Stuart (Anthony's dad)

James Williams
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Re: Team Phyte Antweight Builds & Event Reports

Post by James Williams » Thu Nov 28, 2019 6:08 pm

Thanks! Part of the reason I came up with the design in the first place was there were no motorized flail bots in any weight category at the time. A flail vs flail fight would definitely be interesting, but it'll be very unlikely we get drawn against each other. Assuming it doesn't get destroyed in the main tourney I will be throwing it into the glow in the dark rumble though so you're welcome to face me there.

James Williams
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Re: Team Phyte Antweight Builds & Event Reports

Post by James Williams » Mon Dec 02, 2019 2:37 pm

Even though AWS60 was on paper my poorest performance all year it was still a pretty memorable event. Instead of writing out big dull paragraphs I'll just make some bullet points & keep it somewhat briefer:

1) The Little Sytes definitely need internal upgrades. Currently they can only run on 1s due to the speed controllers they use. They managed to pick up 1 win thanks to an opponent's suicide dive, but were easily overpowered in the subsequent fights.

2) Epic Flail had to have it's weapon rebuilt the night before after it caught on the chassis & broke itself during a test. The new flail, made from a cocktail stick, fixed this problem but wasn't balanced properly so it occasionally tangled up on itself.

3) I was one of the few fortunate enough to fight antweight original Pants 1v1 with Rented! Since this was in the losers bracket & Pants lost (sorry about the wheel) I may very well be the last ever opponent for the antweights that fought on Robot Wars Extreme and at AWS1 (excluding AWS regular Combatant which has evolved & drastically changed over the years) which is rather flattering.

4) Rented managed to get through the tournament unscathed, despite fighting Dimitri 4 & Kwyjebo, 2 strong verts, but I entered it into a whiteboard against, amongst others, Test Robot Please Ignore. During the bout, Test managed to get a hit on Rented which damaged the lid, the back & the Nanotwo. This particular model of Nanotwo has a receiver built into it which damaged it in such a way that it won't drive anymore. Since the receiver is no longer in production, this means I now have to replace both the drive ESC & the receiver. Since Nuts & Bots don't have any Nanotwo's in stock, Rented is out of commission until I can replace it. Dang. I also plan to put some kind of metal plate on the back to prevent it from happening again, but it looks like I may have to retire Rented soon.

5) I am a far better tech checker, judge & arena sweeper than I am commentator.

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