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Fleaweight Rules

1. The arena will be a raised platform 1.5 feet by 1.5 feet (approx 0.5 metre square). There will be a drop off all around the arena. A robot that falls off the arena will be deemed to have lost.

2. Weight Limit: 75g (112.5g for non-rotoay powered motion, i.e. legs)

3. All robot to be contained within a 2.5" cube prior to competition. If a robot is larger it must expand under remote control.

4. No acids or voltages over 24v.

5. No fluids, glue or string. (Except rule 18)

6. Non metallic and non Lexan armour: The majority of the armour shall be non metallic and non lexan. (Except rule 19)

7. Radio Controls: 40 MHz or 27 MHZ (applies in UK only)

8. Bouts to last no more than 2 minutes.

9. No holding and no pinning each other down for more than 20 seconds. In the 'deadly embrace' the robots will be seperated and the time continue.

10. No untethered weapons. Any projectile may not have arange greater than 1.5 feet.

11. No explosives or heat based weapons. (Except Rule 15)

12. No outside manipulation may be allowed.

13. All entrants must wear approved saftey goggles throughout any bouts and protective gloves then handling the robots.

14. All sharp edges must have protective covers outside the arens.

15. Fire based weapons may be used providing they can be controlled remotely. (Only OFF is necessary) No candles though.

16. No spitting, swearing or punching.

17. Sponsors allowed providing logo is not bigger than the robot.

18. Fluids may be used proving they are a fuel powering a weapon. Glue may be used providing it is only used to hold parts together. String may be used providing it either holds parts together or is used to operate a weapon. Not as one though.

19. Lexan and metal may be used to make a weapon. It must not be thicker than 1mm though. This includes all other plastics too. Either can be used at 2mm thickness for chassis work.

20. No liquid or electricity based weapons.

If you want to comment on these rules, go to the discussion forum or email us