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Robot Wars UK Series 1
Organiser: Mentorn
Location: Silvertown,London, UK
Dates and time: 1997-09-01 00:00:00 to 1997-09-01 00:00:00

Host: Jeremy

Pit reports: Phillipa Forrester

House robots:
Shunt (mk1 - weak hammer and shovel), Sergant Bash (mk1
- flame thrower, most competent of series), Matilida (mk1 - lifting
tusks and chain saw tail), Dead Metal (mk1 - cutting disk on long

Format: Each
show consisted of 4 rounds:

  • The gauntlet
    is a battle of competitor against assault course and house robots. Slowest
    time or least distance covered is eliminated.

  • Round two is a trial - ie a game to eliminate one more robot.
    In this series there was a different trial each week. Sumo (head
    to head with a house robot on a raised platform), British Bulldog
    (school type game - all robots against defending house robots), Soccer
    (competitors must score a goal against house robot defence. Last to
    score goes out.), Race (race around a figure of 8 track to complete
    most laps. Least laps is eliminated.), Maze (metal maze filled
    with obstacles and house robots - similar to gauntlet but bigger) and
    Snooker (attempt to pot balls past house robots - not so different
    from soccer really).

  • The four remaining robots are paired up to do battle head to head
    in the Semi. The winner of each Semi is then put into the Final
    for one last fight. The winner of the Final goes through to the melee
    in the last show to decide the overall winner of the series. The winner
    is bascially the last man standing at the end of the melee.

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