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Robot Wars: The Sixth Wars

The sixth wars at first seemed a non-event to us. We turned up on the Friday for qualifying, had a great battle and talked to lots of people and then drove home thinking that we had failed - we were not the winner of the heat, but had put on a good show and take some damage.

Halfway down the M25, we got a phone call to say 'Can you come back on Monday?' We were well chuffed. We had to spend the weekend trying to repair the damage and then drive up again to Nottingham on Monday morning ready for filming.

We suffered damage as soon as we turned up at the event. The handbrake failed on Bryan Moss's (Tornado) landrover ambulance and it ran into the side of my car. Never mind, its all sorted out now.

Our first round was up against the Hassock Hog, Ming III and Spam. I can't give too much away at the moment, but we did take damage to the glitter ball!!

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