RW101 travelled to Kent to run a workshop for the National Association For Gifted Children Explorer's. As well as taking Big PAnts and the ants along for a demo, we also took along 16 1/20th scale radio controlled cars (half 27mhz and half 40mhz) which the children used as the starting point for building robots. We asked them to supply materials such as plastic, card, tape, pencils, polystyrene,etc. The brilliant designs are below along with the fighting schedule and results. We made an arena on the floor and the fights were 3 mins long.

Thanks to Lyn for inviting us and to all the children and parents for their participation in am excellent day. A teacher's pack is also available here.

Acid Alu-mars Big Surprise
Deadly Revenge Dunno Egghead
Junk Mousey Pancake
Revenge of Rapunzel Spikey The Jackal
The Mummy Tiberian Wedge

Round 1 Battles

The Mummy (27) Pancake (40)
Egghead (27) Tiberian (40)
Spikey (27) Mousey (40)
Big Surprise (27) Acid (40)
Wedge (40) * Dunno (27)
Junk (27) Alu-mars (40)
The Jackal (27) Revenge of Rapunzel (40)
Junk (27) Deadly Revenge (40)

Winners in BOLD
* indicates won by flipping opponent

The 'House Robot' I made. It is a Tamiya 1:10th scale car covered in strips of aluminium.

Round 2 Battles

Revenge of Rapunzel (40) The Jackal (27)
Spikey (27) Tiberian (40)
Acid (40) Junk (27)
Pancake (40) Junk (27)
Wedge (40) Dunno (27)
Big Surprise (27) Alu-mars (40)
Acid (40) Red Mess (27)
The Mummy (27) Pancake (40)
Egghead (27) Mousey (40)
Big Surprise (27) Revenge of Rapunzel (40)