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Robot Wars: Extreme

Robot Wars has become a global phenomenen - of that there is no question. More and more countries are starting to take part either in UK based competitions or with their own national events. This year, we have seen a further development of the Robot Wars franchise...Extreme!

Extreme seems to have been conceived off the back of the Annihilator specials that took place after series 4. These high-octane, high-destruction contests became the talk of the sport and many fans were crying out for more. Extreme takes this idea and expands it further by adding not just annhilators, but all-star competitions (where only the big name bots take part), grudge matches (settling old scores) and newcomer challenges. Also throughout the series there is a challenge belt contest where robots can challenge the belt holder to a fight a la heavyweight boxing.

The presentation style of Extreme is also subtly different from the four previous series. There is a feeling of constant action brought on by the pumping music tracks and fast moving presentation. Craig Charles is positively horse from shouting so much in all the excitement and the graphics, facts and stats whizz on and off screen faster than the robots themselves. The fights are very much more violent, with a few robots taking a real hammering, being patched up and thrown back into the gladiatorial arena once more. Where annhilator succeeded before was the viciousness of the attacks. Extreme manages to carry this through in most of the contests, but still maintains a sense of humour.

But is all this really necessary? Was there anything wrong with the normal format that has worked for four years? Opinion seems divided: some think that Extreme is the way forward and how can series 5 possibly compete? whilst others seem to think that Extreme is all fluff and no substance, with too much emphasis on the presentation and no real point to any of the fights. Well, we think you should decide. We've set up a vote to ask whether you think Extreme is better than Robot Wars. To vote, simply click on here and press yes or no to answer. The check out all the results and stats here on

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